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There is the vinyl record turntable and there is the CD turntable Recorder/player.

Turntable-CD-RecorderThese are two separate electronic gadgets. However a combination turntable CD recorder/player has been in the market for quite some time now. A record player CD recorder is probably for those who are tired of shuffling analog and digital music files.

A turntable CD recorder is a great option for audiophiles. Doing so will save you money as you don't have to buy separate electronic components for your listening pleasure. You also save space as your LP turntable and CD player occupy the same space. A record CD player will give you the convenience to transfer content of the vinyl record directly to a CD. Load a blank CD-RW or CD-R on the CD component of the unit.

Choose the vinyl record that you wish to copy to a CD. “Play” the record and with a couple button-pushing, your vinyl LP is being recorded or copied to a CD. The converted analog file to digital file is good to go! You can make copies of all your precious LPs without much hassle.

Best Turntable CD Recorder - Top Rated Products as Recommended by Users

teac-turntablesTeac LPR500 is a turntable/CD/Radio/ Vinyl to Cassette CopyStation. In short, it is a CD recorder turntable that has the capability to copy your vinyl records to CD format. There is no need for a computer or software to do the analog to digital conversion. Just put in a blank CD and set it with the LP player and that's that! This unit can also play and record cassettes. It has a 32-track music memory and a 3 speed turntable at 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpms. It is fitted with an Audio input for copying from another device. Speakers are built-in so this is basically a plug and play CD turntable. This product has a 4/5 consumer rating and is only $220.

Crosley-CR2405ACrosley CR2405A-PA Director CD Recorder with Cassette Player is a CD recorder and LP turntable that has the capability to record vinyl records and cassette tapes to CD. This unit is highly desirable as it even has an Am/FM radio and provision for an MP3 player. It is an LP turntable that plays at 3 speeds of 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm. The Crosley CD turntables provide a simple way to digitalize analog music. It is also aesthetically pleasing as its vintage design will fit most home interiors. The Crosley has the capability to play music in any form - cassette, CD, vinyl record and MP3. The unit produces a more than acceptable sound. For the price of $200, this unit is a good value for the money. The Crosley Director Turntable CD recorder has a 5/5 consumer rating.

ION-LP2CDION-LP2CD - USB Turntable w/ Direct-to-CD is a turntable and CD recorder/player that has the capability to copy vinyl records to CD format. Its belt-drive turntable has a CD recorder that can easily be cued in to record the LP. The unit also has a USB port for archiving the recorded music to iTunes. You can then easily cut/paste the music in your iPod. Great music has never been so “portable”. The unit comes with EZ Vinyl Converter software for the PC and an EZ Audio Converter for a MAC. The software removes the clicks and pops of a vinyl record. It also digitizes the recorded audio for iTunes. Price for this turntable recorder is $335. Customer rating is 4/5.

Good turntable CD recorders are usually 4-in-1 music players aside from having the capability to convert analog to digital files.

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