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TEAC turntables are products of TEAC (Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company), a Japanese electronics company founded in 1953. The company has expanded its product line that today it has six divisions to better address its needs.

teac-turntablesTASCAM design and manufacture professional audio and recording products. ESOTERIC are high end audio products. Data Storage takes care of industrial grade DVDRW drive system. Disc Publishing has the printers -inkjet, ribbons, cartridges, flash and DVD duplicators.

Data Recorders manufacture portable data recording acquisition systems. Consumer Electronics manufacture turntables, CD players and recorders, receivers and tuners, DVD and USB duplicators and a string of legacy products such as the GF-350 which is a TEAC record player equipped with a CD-recorder and radio.

vintage TEAC turntable sound demonstration

The TEAC LP-R400 Turntable CD Recorder and Radio (Black) is another legacy product with an average of 4/5 consumer rating at Amazons. This TEAC turntable is modestly priced at $ 325 which is a great value for money. TEAC frequently has CD-R/RW recording and FM/AM radio function on top of its 3 -speed turntable. You can transfer LPs and cassette tapes into CDs.

The newest TEAC turntables are the GF-550 and LP-R450. The TEAC GF-550 turntable has a turntable section that can play 331/3, 45 and 78 rpm vinyls. It has a cassette deck for playing tapes. It also has a CD-R/RW recording that accommodates phono to CD, tuner to CD, tape to CD and aux to CD.

The TEAC LP-R450 turntable basically has the same features with the addition of an audio output and a 70mm full cone speaker. Below is an overview of the LP-R450.

TEAC Turntable Features

CD Recorder Section

  • Supports CD-R/RW recording from: Phono to CD, tape to CD, tuner to CD, AUX to CD)
  • Fiitted with a drawer-type CD Recorder
  • Has an automatic and manual track Increment
  • Equipped with a recording level control and indicator
  • Has 1/all functions: repeat, shuffle and 32-track program play

Turntable Section

  • Plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm records
  • Has an auto return function

Tape Section

  • Cassette Tape Player with play, pause, REW and FWD operations

Amplifier/Tuner Section

  • Equipped with a PLL Synthesized AM/FM stereo tuner.
  • Has volume control buttons.
  • Adequate bass-reflex type speakers.


  • Adequate stereo speakers
  • LCD Display with Backlight
  • Headphone jack and remote control are provided.

Price range for both models is from $310 to $450.

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