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Stanton Magnetics was founded by Walter Stanton in 1946.

stanton-turntablesThe company's initial product was its replaceable phonograph stylus. The company designed and manufactured a slide-in stylus that made it possible for users to replace the needle assembly by themselves. This invention for Stanton turntables became the standard in later designs of record player cartridges by other brands.

The company is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality audio products. Its line of products includes Stanton turntable, quality cartridges, DJ mixers, CD players and other audio accessories. Stanton Magnetics record 50-year innovation makes it a leader and trusted name by audiophiles the world over.

Qualities of Stanton Turntables

stanton-cd-playerEvery turntable is built with quality as first consideration. No unit comes out of the factory without testing its sound quality and durability. Each Stanton is designed for minimal feedback is fitted with a torque motor, a very stable platter and quality tonearm.

It has added features such as key correction, pitch adjustment, reverse and S/PDIF digital outputs which basically catapults a turntable by Stanton into a serious contender for one of the top affordable turntables in the market today.

Stanton turntables feature RCA and USB outputs for easy transfer of the content of a vinyl record to a PC as music files, then to a CD or MP3. Software is included in the audio system for quick transfer and edit of the music files from the vinyl record and to remove pop and click sounds from the audio track.

Stanton STR8.150 Turntable

The STR8.150 is the best Stanton turntable for use in clubs, parties or DJ gigs. This Stanton is tough yet highly polished with a straight and skip-proof tone arm pre-mounted with a 680 V3 cartridge. The platter is very stable as it is mounted on a heavy-duty steel body supported by flexible rubber feet to further stabilize the unit.

Feedbacks and resonance are arrested making the STR8.150 "play" music. This unit has enough bells and whistles for the ultimate DJ scratches and mixes. The powerful torque motor of up to 4.5 Kgf-cm will be able to withstand hard spins and counter-spins of the most enthusiastic DJ or "mixer".

The platter can be stopped by a thumb, once released, the platter will go back to its normal speed in no time at all. Other features are:

Stanton STR8 150 ST150 quick look

  • Start and Brake Speed Adjustment
  • 3 Speeds (33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm)
  • Height adjustable tonearm
  • Quartz Lock
  • L shaped cables and slip mat included
  • Dual Start and Stop Buttons

... and more.

This model has an average consumer rating of 4.5/5. The price is set at just under $500 with free shipping available for online orders.

Stanton T.62 Direct Drive Turntable

Pegged at $199, this Stanton turntable is the most popular model. This model is easy to operate as it is a direct-drive and high torque motor turntable with enough professional features to make it an affordable option for DJs. It has a straight tonearm that is great for tracking and scratching.

Stanton T.62 Review and demonstration

It's fitted with a Stanton 500.v3 cartridge that is pre-mounted on its headshell. It has the capability to play at 2 speeds - 33 1/3 and 45 rpm. With its two start/stop switches, the unit is a great piece for mix and battle set-up. The pitch is controllable at + /- 10%. One can easily fade the tempo and pitch. The T.62 has RCA stereo outputs inclusive of cables.

The Stanton T.62 turntable has a consumer rating of 5/5. Not only does this top rated model among Stanton designs have great DJ-ing features, but the unit does produce quality sound for general listening pleasure. It has none of that cheap plastic part that is often seen on other electric gizmos. In a nutshell the T.62 is best value for the money.

Other Stanton turntables available in the market are: ST. 150; T. 52; T.55 USB and T.92 USB. Every single turntable is made with the finest quality materials and craftsmanship at affordable prices.

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