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Modestly Priced and Affordable UK Record Analogs

Rega is the combination of the first syllables of the surnames of its founders: Tony Relph and Roy Gandy.

rega-turntableThe brain behind Rega turntables is Roy Gandy. He was the one who started tinkering with speakers and repair of turntables. In the early 70s, Gandy started to work on his turntables. The Planet turntable was the first Rega turntable sold in the UK, Germany, France and Denmark. From 1975-1977 the Planet 2 and 3 were developed. By 1980, Rega became a known brand with a “waiting list” of customers as production took time.

Rega is a success story. It is one of the most known brands in the world of affordable analogs. Turntables made by Rega are simple and have no-fuss as they are straightforward to install.

Rega uses the three-hole mounting system on their turntable arms for easy mounting of cartridges. Though Rega produces its own line of cartridge for tonearms, you have the option to use other brands.

Rega turntables have been designed and manufactured to attain excellent performance that exceeds expectations attributed to turntables at this price range. The no frills no fuss designs of Rega direct the manufacturing costs to the procurement of high quality parts for its products.

Rega Turntable Models

Rega RP1 Stereo Design Turntable demonstration

RP1 Turntable, Rega's first in its new generation of turntables replaced the P1 model. The minimalistic-designe of this unit contains high quality components to ensure many years of listening enjoyment. This model is equipped with a manual speed changer to get rid of variations in speed and to lessen the wear and tear of the drive belt.

The RP1 is fitted with an RB101 tonearm, quality low-vibration motor and precision main bearing. The Phenolic resin platter ensures speed stability. Its cartridge is the Ortofon OM5e moving magnet cartridge. Modestly priced at under $500, the model has a 5/5 rating from consumers. Option for colored mat is possible.

Planar 78 is Rega's mono turntable for playing 78 rpm vinyl records. Its plinth is made of a low mass core built in-between rigid phenolic laminates. Its motor is patterned after P3's rigid mounted motor assembly. The Rega RB251 tonearm is used for this model. The price for a unit is $595.

Rega P3-24 Turntable video demonstration

P5 is patterned from Rega turntable P25. The record player is casted from one piece silicone and aluminum for rigidity and decreased mass. It utilizes an RB700 tonearm which is mounted on the micro-fiber plinth by a three-point fixture fashioned from solid stainless steel. What makes this equipment truly unique is its glass platter at 12 mm thick that helps in isolating information extracted from the vinyl. The power supply is in complete synch with the motor to further reduce vibration. The price for the Rega P5 turntable is about $1,395.

P9 is Rega's flagship model. It is the culminating product of 25 years of record player design by Rega. It takes 10 times more the number of man hours to assemble a P9. The plinth is made of ultra lightweight composite micro-fiber. The tonearm, a low capacitance Klotz, is the RB1000, a one piece casted silicone/aluminum arm made of stainless steel housing with a tungsten counterweight. It employs a twin-belt system for high torque using a large external dual quartz electronic power supply. The platter is made of ceramic for precision in LP support. This model retails at just under $5,000.

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