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pioneer-turntablesPioneer is a trusted name when it comes to consumer electronics. It has been a prime mover in innovation and technology since its establishment in 1938.

Pioneer brought the world its first separate stereo system, car stereo and car CD player, CD-based GPS and more.

Its line of Pioneer turntables is popular among electronic consumers because of the products' reliability and affordability. Pioneer played a major role in the turntable industry.

Retired Pioneer Turntables

Some of its retired models are: PL-110 series (112D, 115D, 117D); PL-41, 51, 61 and 71 series; PL-510, 512, 514, 518, 530, 540, 550 and more.

The company does not manufacture high-ends units. Its company website points out to a lone Pioneer turntable, the PL-990. Pegged at only $129, this turntable is an excellent choice for an entry level record player. This model is dual speed (33 1/3 and 45 rpm), has phono EQ and a moving magnet cartridge. It is fitted with a low-mass straight tonearm, fitted with built-in equalizer and a DC servo motor.

If you care for other turntables, retired models are found in most auction sites. Prices are reasonable and more often than not, the turntables are in good working condition.

Pioneer CDJ-2000 sound and video demonstration

Pioneer CDJ Turntable

Pioneer has veered away from the production of television sets too. It now concentrates on the design and manufacture of CDJ. What does it mean? A CDJ is a CD player for DJs. This type of CD player allows a CD to be “scratched” just like a vinyl record.

Why ruin a perfectly vintage vinyl record whereas one can use a CDJ for the same audio effect and more. What makes a CDJ more interesting is its ability to tweak visuals too. A CDJ is the perfect tool for both DJs and VJs.

DJ Luna's Pioneer DVJ - X1 DVD Demo

Pioneer DVJ X1 Professional DVD Turntable

The Pioneer DVJX1 is used for real-time DVD video manipulation. With this electronic it is possible to do digital video “scratches”, loops and cues while audio and video streaming are perfectly in-sync even when they are played in reverse or pitched.

Reverse is instant with nary a change in pitch or tempo. A loop can be instantly set up even while the track is playing. Once the loop is set, it will play continuously until the reloop button is pressed. The track will continue to play even when the loop has stopped. The Hot Cue and Loop Sampler can provide a wide range of combinations and effects.

Other Pioneer turntable models are the DVJ-1000 Audio/Video DVD turntable, CDJ-2000, CDJ-900, CDJ-850, CDJ-800MK2, CDJ-400 and more. DVJ-1000 is priced at $2,500 while the DVJX1 costing about $3,300.

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