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The Golden Award Winning Oracle Delphi Mk VI

Oracle Audio Technologies has been in the business of designing and manufacturing some of the most aesthetically pleasing audiophile-grade models in the electronics industry.

oracle-turntableIt has produced visually stunning and high quality Oracle turntable models and DC players that are so streamlined and highly functional that they deserve to be labeled as works of art.

The company had its humble beginnings in 1979 in Quebec, Canada. The company's mission was based on what Igor Fedorovich Stravinsky said in 1942: “It is not sufficient to hear music but one should also see it.” The company took this mantra at heart and in doing so has produced not only high quality electronic products but beautiful masterpieces including Oracle turntables, tone arms and CD players.

Oracle Delphi trackability tests demo

The Oracle Delphi is the line of turntables that has been giving bona fide audiophiles immeasurable listening pleasure since its first model. The Oracle Delphi MK I and MK II were the first two Oracle turntables that came out in the 1979 and mid 1986. The innovatively designed turntables were priced at more than $1,250 back then. The Delphi MK III was a further enhancement of the earlier models. Suffice to say that these Oracle decks have clear and smooth sound without sounding artificial or metallic.

Oracle Delphi Mark IV received further improvement in three areas: ease of setup; refinement of the power supply and third, enhancement of its aesthetics. It was available in single and dual speed, pegged at $ 1,450 and $1950 respectively. This was in the early 1990s, a time when digital technology was making its presence. In 1994, the original Oracle Audio Technologies closed shop to regroup as Agence Commerciale Inc. The legendary Oracle returned in 1996.The revitalized Oracle debuted the Oracle Delphi MK V. Pegged at $2775, the new model propelled the series into new heights of excellence.

Hear how Oracle Delphi turntable sounds

The Oracle Delphi MK VI is the first Oracle turntable to receive the prestigious Golden Award in the Analog Grand Prix in Japan in 2010. Like all the models in the Delphi series, the platter is suspended by three aluminum suspension towers. Each tower is filled with damping materials attached to bell-shaped springs with varied tensions.

The platter, tonearm, cartridge and the record are isolated from external and internal vibrations. The dual tripod composed of 6 polymer screws inside the bearing shaft ensures constant and even contact with the spindle to stop it from wobbling.

The biggest change for the Oracle turntable MK VI is the addition of the Micro Vibration Stabilizer System (MVSS) which in effect absorbs more vibration. While costing $8,500, this piece is still a winner.

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