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Crosley Turntable Reviews

crosley-turntableA Crosley turntable could very well be attributed as a “staple” in most American homes during the 1930s when radios reigned supreme.

A notion of a creaky and dilapidated turntable made by Crosley comes to mind when presented with this idea. However, Crosley's retro-designed turntables are not obsolete as each model is equipped with features such as cassette decks, CD recorders, FM/AM radios, USB ports and AUX input/output, on top of a 3-speed Crosley record player.

You can preserve your precious vinyls by recording the LP through the CD recorder included in every new generation turntable available in the market. Have a nostalgic trip to the era of bobby socks and balloon skirts by opting for Crosley record changers.

The Crosley Revolution Portable USB Turntable

These record changers is able to stack 6 records at a time then drops each record automatically on to the platter for uninterrupted vinyl music. A record changer features the 3-speed Stack-O-Matic ™ technology to play all recordings of any speed.

Some Crosley players have USB ports and audio software to facilitate vinyl conversion to digital file. The software can also be used to tweak the vinyl's imperfections, alter the original pitch and even do multi-track recordings once it has been copied to the PC. Many Crosley record players are portable audio ready which basically means you can hook up an MP3 player or an iPod through an AUX input.

You have the option to buy a wood Crosley record player to be set on top of a table or desk. You can opt for portable Crosley turntables that look like vintage suitcases. How about a console for a free-standing deck?

Crosley CR49 Traveler Portable Turntable

Crosley-CR49If you are a serious audiophile, the Crosley series is not for you. However, some consumers who have high-end turntables say that their 78 rpm vinyls sound better in a Crosley CR49 traveler portable turntable. It is a belt-driven turntable with built-in full range stereophonic speakers. It can play 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm speed vinyl records.

What makes this Crosley turntable endearing is its vintage look reflective of the 1950s portable turntables. Inclusive in the package is a diamond stylus needle. Its size is compact at 17”X 7” X 11”. Pegged at $112, this model has a 4.5/5 consumer rating on appearance, 3.7/5 on sound quality and 3.2/5 on durability.

Other Crosley Turntable Models
  • More expensive models at $400 are: Crosley CR2413A Memory Master II; CR247 Composer and CR248 Songwriter.
  • Costing $300 and below are: CR2405 Director and CR72 Turntable.
  • Under $200 are: CR6001A; CR7002A; CR6008A and more.
  • For those who are on a tight budget, the CR6005A and CR-40 Mini are priced under $100.

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