2011 Best DJ Turntables & Music Mixers Reviews

Are you looking for the best deal on DJ equipments? If so, you've found the right place. Here you can read impartial ratings of the 2011 best turntable reviews, samplers, mixers and many other music instruments by various brands and manufacturers.

Technics-reviews Technics Turntables
The SL-1200M Models Best Prices and Parts

Whether you buy the SL-1200MK2, SL-1200MK2PK, SL-1200MK5, SL-1210MK5 or SL-1210M5G, the Technics turntable is built to last with improved tonearm construction to eliminate skips.

Sony-reviews Sony Turntables
Reviews of PS-LX250H and PS-LX300USB USB Stereo System

The Sony PSLX250H turntable is an automatic belt-driven model with front-mounted controls, while the PS-LX300USB Sony turntable is capable of converting LPs into digital files.

Numark-reviews Numark Turntables
The Best Portable USB Turntables for DJ Music Mixing

The portable Numark turntable is among the best DJ music equipments and tools. The Numark USB turntable can convert vinyl records to MP3s using a PC to listen on iPod,...

Ion-reviews Ion Turntable
Ion Audio TTUSB Turntables are Best for Converting Old LPs to CDs or MP3s

The TTUSB Ion turntables serries include Ion TTUSB05, TTUSB10, TTUSB05XL and TTUSBDC. Under Ion's LP models are the Easy Play LP, LP 2 CD and LP Dock.

pioneer-reviews Pioneer Turntables
Reviews of CDJ & DVJ-X1 Professional DVD Turntable

Pioneer now concentrates on two major lines: CD turntables for DJs and DVD professional Pioneer turntable for real-time video manipulation.

stanton-reviews Stanton Turntables
High Quality DJ Audio Equipments Best Used for Clubs & Parties

Stanton Turntables are best known as high quality DJ audio products, most suited for clubs, parties and music gigs. Stanton Magnetics equipments can withstand hard and counter spins...

oracle-reviews Oracle Turntable
The Golden Award Winning Oracle Delphi Mk VI

Oracle Audio Technologies has been in the business of designing some of the most aesthetically pleasing audiophile-grade Oracle turntables in the electronics industry.

crosley-reviews Crosley Turntable
Famous for USB and CR49 Traveler Portable Turntables

Crosley turntables could very well be attributed as a 'staple' in most American homes during the 1930s when radios reigned supreme.

dual-reviews Dual Turntable Series
Simple and Modern Design

The DUAL company had its humble beginnings in 1900 by Gebrüder Steidinger, in St. Georgen, Germany. It started out as a manufacturer of springs for motor parts of gramophones...

rega-reviews Rega Turntable
Modestly Priced and Affordable UK Record Analogs

Best known in the world as affordable analogs, Rega turntables use three-hole mounting system in simple no-fuss design to provide the most value for money in terms of parts.

teac-review TEAC Turntables
The CD TEAC Record Player GF-550

TEAC turntable products are now made by TEAC (Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company), a Japanese electronics company founded in 1953. Today it has six divisions to better address the needs...

CD-Recorder-reviews Best Turntable CD Recorder
Reviews of Teac, Crosley & Ion CD Record Players

A CD turntable recorder is a great option for audiophiles. Top rated record CD players such as Teac LPR500 turntable/CD/Radio/Vinyl to Cassette CopyStation, or...

belt-drive-deck Belt Drive Turntable
Vs. Direct Drive Decks Comparison, Their Pros and Cons

For beginners, the cheap belt drive turntables, such as Stanton T.50x, Automatic Sony PS-LX250H, Numark TTUSB and Audio Technica AT-PL50 are the best DJ mixing tools. Compared to direct drive motors...

direct-drive-deck Direct Drive Turntables
The DJ Equipment for Professional Artists

Most direct drive turntable models have accurate speed and the start/stop buttons are fast and at the point. Many professional direct driven DJ turntables...

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